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College Diploma Frames

Congratulations on your achievement! Four or more years of higher education are finally behind you, and now the future lies ahead. A college diploma is a great personal accomplishment, but studies show that graduating from college has other surprising benefits that can affect your life far into the future.

Graduation and Beyond

While it’s general knowledge that a college graduate has a higher average income, up to $21,000+ more per year than having a high school diploma alone, it also translates into better job security, an increased likelihood of health care and other employer benefits, and more options in life. According to a 2006 study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University psychology department, a college degree is also shown to lower blood pressure and increase self-esteem and job satisfaction. The children of college graduates have a 71 percent higher change of graduating from college as well.

In this time between college graduation and planning the rest of your future, take the time relax, to dream and to live a little. The next few years are the ones that will help determine the course of your working life, and unless you need to jump into the job market immediately, take your time and find the right opportunities. These next few months after graduation are a good time to travel a little, do some volunteer work, or reacquaint yourself with friends and family members you haven’t seen in some time. When you’re ready to return to graduate school or to begin on your career path, you can do so with a fresh mindset and new enthusiasm.

One of the exciting times coming up is the day you finally receive your college diploma in the mail. There in your hands is tangible proof of all of your hard work. Whether you choose to display this accomplishment at your parent’s home, in your own home, or at your workplace when you begin your career, there are several types of college diploma frames to choose from that can preserve, protect and compliment your diploma.

About Our College Diploma Frames

You worked hard for your diploma, and it deserves to have the finest showcase you can provide in order to display it properly. Diploma Frame Outlet is a secure online shop that takes great care in providing top-quality frames in conjunction with our partner, University Frames of Anaheim, California. Our production process, materials and packaging ensure not only the safe arrival of your frame, but consideration for the integrity of the environment.

Our Commitment to Quality

Each frame is hand made in our facility, using only plantation-grown, quality hardwoods. The trees used in the frame manufacturing are replanted according to the strictest government standards and guidelines in order to provide a sustainable, renewable resource. All wood is hand-selected for its characteristics, kiln-dried and milled on-site. Only the best hardware is used in each frame’s assembly, and then it’s moved on to another department to receive the finishing touches.

The frames are assembled by hand, and then finished in either a high-gloss or satin coat, according to each customer’s specifications. The matting materials are PH-neutral and acid-free to help ensure the integrity of your document. The mat board bottom is embossed with the name of the school, and the top is embossed with the school seal. There is an optional 24-karat gold-plated medallion available in lieu of the embossed seal, for an added touch of distinction.

Graduates can choose from more than 180 of America’s finest institutions of higher learning, including the U.S. Air Force and Naval Academies, Ivy League schools, technical schools, and all of the State universities and their campuses. All frames and displays come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We pledge to provide the highest standards in the production of your frame or display and in every contact you have with our company or its representatives. We offer our customers a secure online shopping experience, easy online payment methods, and fast delivery. Your frame will arrive securely packed in multiple layers for extra protection, and in perfect condition to compliment any display area. Whether for home or office, our frames will lend an air of distinction and enhance any decor.

Whether you’re the parent of a recent college graduate, a friend or family member looking for the perfect graduation gift, or the recipient of the degree, you can save time and money right now at Diplomaframeoutlet.com. All of our high quality, hand-crafted college diploma frames are on sale at great prices, and we have 100s to choose from.

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